Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate companies
which provide medical care to their employees as this phenomenon is causing corporate’s medical costs to increase exponentially. Research has shown that employers should expect to face 17% increase in medical costs and medical premiums has already hiked up 10-30% this year.

This phenomenon is happening because chronic diseases like heart attack, cancer, stroke and diabetes are expensive to treat. For example, a heart attack can cost around RM20k to 80k to treat. But the good news is chronic diseases are preventable!

Based on studies
the 3 main causes of chronic diseases is poor nutrition, physically inactive, unhealthy lifestyle. What we do is that we engage our professionals like dietitians and nutritionists to teach them on healthy eating, fitness instructors to teach them on exercising the right way, doctors to teach them on healthy lifestyle choices. All in all, is to educate and healthy living among employees.

Our Corporate Wellness Programs
range from 1 day to 2 days or even 1 month to 3 months. A variety of programs will be proposed and customized according to the corporate’s needs and objective. Other than that, we are also able to provide wellness events or health roadshows which encourage health awareness to employees.

**Our Programs Is Now HRDF Claimable.
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